Get Ready – These Are The Most Expected Deals on Black Friday in 2017

The great thing about most brands is that sometimes they see what works and they choose to stick to it. And if you are someone that thinks this is a bad thing when it comes to black Friday deals and ads, then we are here to tell you that instead of getting upset at this, you should take this and put it to your advantage. The fact that most of the well-known brands keep offering the same deals year after year means that you can take your time and see what you need and organize your budget according to the offers from the previous year since you can count on them being pretty much the same. In this article we will show you some of the best deals that well-known merchants have offered in the last few years.


Something that we noticed in the past few years is that during black Friday, Macy’s offered some great deals on luggage and even their ad layout looked exactly the same. You can get an amazing, red colored 5-piece luggage set that has been offered for the past few years for the same affordable price of $49.99. Another thing that you can count on Macy’s for is that they always offer some great deals on sweaters as well.


If you are a new parent or a parent-to-be then Walmart is the place to be for you this black Friday because, as the last couple of years, they have put out the same ad with pretty much the same incredible deals on some great furniture made for very young children. There was a repeat of the same Minnie Mouse bed that comes as a boxed set for $99, a great fold-out character sofa that costs $20 as well as a character folding table and chair sets that also cost $20. There was also a car seat in both years, and although the model changed from one year to the next, the price stayed the same at $99.


Target is a great place to go to if you are looking for some great black Friday deals on cookware. Over the past few years the offers and even the layout of their black Friday add have remained the same and that means that this year you can probably count on finding some great T-Fal and Farberware cookware sets that cost $49.99 each, some great Pyrex sets that have been offered at a great, discounted price of $18 in the past few years as well as Rachael Ray cookware, although we did notice that the collection got larger in 2016 and that added $10 to the price.

Like we mentioned before, the good thing about black Friday ads and deals being repeated year after year means that you will know exactly what you can get excited for and what you can plan for when you plan your budget. So this year, instead of being upset about it, enjoy the predictability of the whole day.